Paulette Griswold

Tel. +1 508 333 3574
E.  paulette.m.griswold@gmail.com

"Rewilding" portrait adventures are an exploration and reclamation of how you imagine yourself and your power - whatever that means to you.

To "rewild" is to restore a place to its natural state, reintroducing the wild species that have been driven out by man. Our culture sends us a message that we are all born with flaws and inadequacies, and that we need products to fix us or make us whole. The "human rewilding" movement rejects this message, focusing instead on bringing back the innate wisdom, inner power, and boundless passion and joy we already have within us. My goal is to make art that will do this for you.

We'll start with some brainstorming on imagery that you're drawn to and looks that make you feel powerful, sexy, or both. I'll offer location suggestions as well as some styling tips, and we'll plan out your shoot together. Portrait adventures last 2-3 hours.